Hostile Workplace Security - Termination Security & Protection


Hostile Workplace Security - Termination Security & Protection for Corporations and Businesses.

One of the major risks that managers, human resource professionals, and corporate officers face is the threat of workplace violence during or after a termination.  Over seventy percent of all workplace acts of violence have occurred during or after the termination process.

The courts have made it clear, as the result of litigation, that employers must provide a safe environment for their employees.  Terminations handled improperly put your company and employees at risk, and exposes your company to liability.

Mid-West Protective Service, Inc.® will work with your company during the termination process, and continue through post-termination, to make sure a safe work environment exists for your employees and company officers.


  • Consultation Prior to the Termination
  • Presence During the Termination
  • Post-Termination Presence & Consultation
  • Protection / Security of Management's Residence 
  • Surveillance of the Terminated Employee During the "Cool Down" Period
  • Liaison with Local Law Enforcement if Needed


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