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Mid-West Protective Service, Inc. ® can assist with cold case investigations.  The goal of our cold case investigators is to develop and contribute information that will bring a positive resolution to the case.  Simply, many times a new perspective will lead to a positive outcome.

Unlike other cold case units, our cold case investigators have 24/7 access to our “in house” Psychologist who can assist with the assessment of any cold case or profile of any suspect(s).

A cold case can be any criminal incident that has been investigated by a law enforcement agency and that has been closed, or not being actively investigated.

Most cold cases investigations are for violent crimes.  These cold cases usually involve homicide, missing person, sexual assault, serious physical assault, kidnapping or child abductions.

The decision to reopen a cold case involves many factors.  These factors include: Severity of the crime, cruelty of the crime, age of the crime, condition of physical evidence, whereabouts of previously identified suspects and witnesses, and any new technology that may assist with the case.

A case may have gone “cold” for various reasons to include: lack of leads stalling the case, heavy workload by the law enforcement agency, hostile or uncooperative witnesses, lack of physical evidence, etc.