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Advantages of Using Our Polygraph Services


  • Mid-West Protective Service, Inc.® has been in the polygraph business since August, 2000.  Over 15 years. 

  • We are a full service licensed investigative agency.  Should the need arise, we can provide or assist with investigative services beyond just polygraph services.  We are your “complete resource” for investigative services.  Most polygraph examiners or polygraph companies are not licensed as investigators or investigative agencies.

  • Polygraph examinations and investigations is our full-time business

  • We have several polygraph examiners on staff.  We are not a “one man show”.

  • Our polygraph examiners have received their basic training through academies / schools approved by the American Polygraph Association (APA).

  • Our polygraph examiners are properly licensed.

  • We provide reports for all polygraph examinations at no additional cost (unless one is not desired).  Most professional polygraph examiners provide reports, and do so at no additional cost.

  • We have a clerical staff to support our polygraph examiners.  You will not wait weeks for your report.

  • At most times during normal business hours, your calls to our office will be answered by an employee of our agency. Without delay, we can provide you the information you seek regarding polygraph services.   It will not take hours or days to find out about polygraph services or schedule an examination.

  • We have a regular, full-time, business office.  We don’t rent office space by the hour or operate from a “suitcase”.

  • Our polygraph examiners are trained and experienced investigators.  Most have extensive law enforcement investigative experience.

  • We use computerized polygraph equipment.

  • We use specially designed examinee / subject chairs during our polygraph examinations.  These specially designed chairs assist with a more accurate, problem free, and professional examination.

  • Most of our polygraph examiners are members of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP).  Our polygraph examiners are also members of varied state associations.