Addiction Polygraph Examinations


Polygraph examinations / lie detector testing for the addiction recovery process !

Polygraph Examinations are one of the best tools to assist with the addiction recovery process. Lies energize addictive thoughts and behaviors. It is well known that addicts are often practiced liars. Addiction is built on dishonesty, and dishonesty plays a significant role in continuing the addiction. Addicts often hold back from telling the truth unless their dishonesty is detected. The Polygraph Examination assists the addict in taking responsibility for their actions.   The Polygraph Examination also assists the spouse / partner, family, and the therapist / counselor as a truth detection, truth verification, and truth maintenance tool. There can be no recovery for the addict without truth. Obtaining the truth and maintaining the truth can be a challenging task.


Addiction Polygraph Examinations Available For:


  • Sexual Matters
  • Pornography / Internet
  • Alcohol / Drugs
  • Gambling / Lying
  • Any Type of Addiction Where Truth Verification Is Needed



Once the truth is obtained or verified, polygraph examinations can be utilized as part of a maintenance program for the addict.



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